Urban Combat – Surviving The Streets

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Emil Martirossian’s book is a genuine street survival bible – featuring detailed strategies that can be utilised to not only avoid a conflict before it has a chance to begin, but also explains potentially life-saving defence and attack strategies to help readers survive the streets. Our personal safety, as well as the security of our loved ones, is threatened by ever-increasing dangers, meaning these Urban Combat Jeet Kune Do disciplines are essential, both spiritually and physically.

This book provides easy to follow, inspirational sections which primarily advocate avoidance and  early warning strategies – but if ‘flight’ is not possible – it also arms readers with proven attack  skills and fitness programmes for men and woman of all ages and physiques.

The book will be launched in August 2016, with all books ordered direct through this website will be signed by Emil Martirossian, and posted before the end of August.


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