MTA's 2-day event LIVE Webinar

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Do not attempt any of the martial arts techniques, unless in a fit state of health or with a professional martial arts instructor. Martirossian Training Academy LTD and its Instructors are not liable for any person(s) injured. 

Webinar Objectives

Day One  (Duration up to 2 hours)

  • Get to know the Instructor, who is Emil Martirossian?

  • What is MTA’s Urban Combat Self Defense

  • Bruce Lee’s Philosophy and JKD

  • What is the importance of Warm Up, Cool down, Stretching and Conditioning

  • Introduction to different martial arts styles (i.e. JKD, TKD, Chinese Boxing, Five Animal styles, Kung Fu etc etc.

  • Training on your own or with a training partner

  • Introduction to my Urban Combat Self Defence

  • Basic Urban Combat Self Defense movements and training drills

  • Most Popular Urban Combat Self Defense Techniques : Step by Step

  • Introduction to Calming your mind through peaceful and calming Meditation



Day Two (Duration up to 2 hours)


  • What is the importance of Warm Up, Cool down, Stretching and Conditioning

  • What is a “Reality-based” Self Defense training

  • How to train and develop speed

  • Emil’s equipments for his own personal Training

  • More Step by Step Instructions on the following,

        • Sticky hands training

        • Knife Self Defense training

        • Introduction to Stick (FMA) training

        • Unarmed Closed-quarter Combat Training

  • Practising Meditation for focus and calmness

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