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No longer available , we apologize for the inconvenience.


Volume One : 100+ Training videos / 3:14:31 hrs

Volume Two: 100+ Training videos / 4:57:21 hrs

Active subscribers can still access the videos till end of December 2019. 

Thank you for watching my videos. Please continue in your martial arts journey. 

Terms & Conditions :

1. These training videos are available to be streamed online until further notice. You will receive 30-day notice before the videos will be offline. 

2. Sharing of the password is prohibited

3. Non-refundable purchase


By purchasing our online training videos, you agree to the following requirements and conditions

  • A training partner may be needed

  • You are Physically and Mentally healthy

  • You have Consulted your doctor if you are suffering from any illness

  • To always warm up and cool down for 5 - 10 mins before and after doing any physical activity

  • If you are injured please do not try these techniques without consulting your doctor

  • If you feel pain or accidentally get hurt from training, please stop straight away and resume when fully recovered

  • Find a training partner or use a mirror when training so you can see yourself practising these techniques like "shadow boxing

* Donations to this Charity will be made right after our 2018 Financial Year ends. Details of this donation will be posted on our website with confirmation of receipt.